Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wed. 27th Sports Conditioning: injury

I woke up on Weds. morning and felt a little stiffness in my shoulder. It had been sore on Tuesday, but I took the day off, so I was hopeful that it would be all right to workout weds. morning. I was wrong. Everything went well with the warm up. Jumping rope seemed to help the stiffness go away, and my range of motion seemed fine, but I could feel the shoulder getting more and more sore as the workout progressed. I made it through the 45 min. of class but still had more stuff to do, but when I tried to do some burpees, I knew that it was time to shut it down. I stretched pretty well, but I neglected to put ice on it, which I think was a big mistake. When I got home, I took a hot shower, put on some flexall, and took some medicine, but my shoulder got worse as the day progressed. I couldn't extend my arm out to my side and lift it any higher than my shoulder without feel pain. It got worse over the course of the day no matter how much I stretched. I have had this same problem before, but I thought that the source of the pain was in me deltoid, but it is the rotator cuff. It is an annoying injury because it feels fine for most of the time then bam!! Lift your arm too high and when you start to bring it down the whole damn thing feels like it about to fall off. This injury would cause me to miss the gym on both Thursday and Friday and really limit what I could do. However, I was able to find some good videos on YouTube, which described which trigger points in my shoulder needed attention. Once I understood what to do it stated to improve almost instantaneously.

Supraspinatus Massage

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