Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thursday May 13th Plycore: The Closest thing to Vomiting.

The fact that I did not vomit in this class was enough to be proud of for me. I could have puked and felt good about it, but I didn't. Last week, I made a commitment to attacking my workouts, and I attempted to live up to this on Thursday.

We started this workout with two laps around the building, and this week I once again tried to push myself to run those laps all out. However, after the laps, we went right in to running stairs. We run up the fire stairs at the Y, so the stairwell is sealed off with heavy fire doors. It gets pretty musty and a little smelly when you have 15 or so people in stairwell running stairs at the same time. The Y is a three story building and each flight has a landing in between flights where you must make a 90 degree turn in order to continue to the next level. So to climb the two flights, you must four cases of stairs. That morning we had to climb up to the top and down 10 times without stopping. I was dizzy by the time I finished and really wished that I had not drunk my morning ice coffee before going to the Y. Once we finished we had several exercise to do to complete our warm up and it didn't matter which one we chose first, so I decided to do the 100 crunches next, which was wise because gravity was about to force my big ass to the floor regardless of my feeling on the matter. I finished the crunches and the rest of the warm up menu. And, I was able to keep up during the class group exercises, but then we went outside for Indian runs, and I was toast. I kept up for my first run, but as we started to run up hill, I was done. Toast! I went back inside and did some more while I waited for the rest of the class to come back, and as luck would have it, when they got back the instructor said it was time to do abs! So considering I had been doing abs already, this was the last thing that I wanted to hear. By the end, that ice coffee really wanted to make an encore, and when I got home, I had to wait for a while before I could eat anything. However, I really felt good about this workout and my ability to keep it together.

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