Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monday April 25th Plycore: Pushups Hell Day

Push up Hell day didn't start off as a with push ups or as a hell day, but it turned into one.  I warm up with some jump rope and was looking forward to class.  Monday Plycore is always a good way to start off a week. But, even though I enjoyed this class a lot, this week would prove to be a frustrating one. My jaw gave me some trouble during this class, and I would strain my Rotator Cuff just enough to set myself up for another minor injury later in the week.

We started this class off with 4 laps around the gym and then moved into running lines: sprints and side shuffles followed by 50 mt. climbers, then alternating leap frogs and burpees across half a basketball court. We did this 3 or 4 times. After that we went outside and did long lap indian runs. Each long lap is .36 of a mile. We did two laps with everyone sprint once per lap. My first sprint came just as we reached to a hill, so I had to sprint uphill. Following the indian runs, we went back into the gym where had different stations. One station for Dips, push ups with one hand on a basketball, and incline pushups, another for resistance running, abs, and push up patty cake (do a push up and slap hands with your partner). Everything was fine except that I got so sweaty that while doing push up patty cake my palms got really sweaty and my hand slipped causing me to tweak my rotator cuff. I didn't even realize that I was injured until much later in the day when my shoulder started to fell sore. Following this we went outside and did sprints up the sloping drive way at the Y. Butt kicks, high knees, skips, and an all out sprint. We did each one twice and jogged down the hill. Afterward we did another long lap.

My jaw was fin until the sprints started, but once they started I felt very step right in my jaw. I was nearly in tears by the time I finished my long lap. This may also have been why I didn't notice that my shoulder was hurt. This was a great workout, but it was also a troublesome workout.

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