Monday, May 17, 2010

Saturday May 8th: Ropin' & Runnin' two shirt Sweat Fest!

On Friday, I went for a bike ride that was pretty long, not strenuous, but loads of fun.  It was Raleigh's First Friday Bicycle ride, and it was just a little slice of awesome! Below is a link to my video of the ride.

First Friday Video

Saturday's workout was simple and sweaty:

Jump rope: 15 90 sec. intervals with 15 second rests

change shirt

Treadmill: 5mins 3.6
10mins. 6.2
5 mins. 3.6
10mins. 6.2

What really rocked about this workout is that two months ago either portion would have knocked me on my ass.  But, this time I still felt good.  Progress! 

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