Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunday Hike: May 2nd

My wife and I went to Umstead Park and hiked 7.2 miles. I hadn't been to Umstead since last summer, and I could feel a huge difference in myself as I hiked along the trail. My body felt so much lighter and stronger. I wasn't gasping for air even though I was carrying a backpack and it was 95 degrees outside. I did sweat like a beast of burden, but that is about par for the course. It just felt so good to be out enjoying my life. I really had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to do it again. The only drawback was that my feet were sore for nearly two days because of the hike. But, I didn't let it stand in my way because I was right back in the gym on Monday. Last year our first hike was less than 5 miles and left me so tired that I couldn't workout for two days. Also, my wife use to have to stop and wait for me when we did these hike, but now I don't have any problem keeping up with her. I am so happy that I am not holding her back and keeping her from doing the things that she loves at a pace that is enjoyable to her.

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