Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weds. 19th Sports Conditioning: Repetition

I think that when you workout repetition is one of you biggest enemies.  I doesn't matter how much you enjoy something, repetition will finally wear you down. and you'll either need a change or a break in order to really enjoy it again.  That is what I am fighting against with my Weds. morning Sports Conditioning class.  I really like it, but it doesn't change that often, so it has just gotten a bit stale.  I've either missed classes on the other days of the week or the instructors have rotated, so I have been able to avoided burning out on them, but Weds. Sports Conditioning has the one class that I have made most often and the instructor runs on swiss time, so she is alway there.

So what I am saying is that I did the class this week, and it was pretty much the same always.  I am going to start gong to some other classes and rotating this one out, so that I can enjoy it more.

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