Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ankle Sprain Treadmill Run III: 1/15

I took a day off after my last treadmill run.  This time, I taped up my ankle much better and put on my ankle brace.  Both of these things helped with the ankle, but my conditioning felt really bad, and I struggled with this run just as much as the one prior to it.  However, this time I didn't let it get me down as much.  I ran 20mins. and walked 10mins.  After running I did a lot more abs and other exercises than I did after my last workout.  These runs were starting to make me think that I might not be able to run the entire 5k in Hawaii.  I just wasn't really sure if the ankle was going to let me run enough before the race to workout whatever kinks were sure to develop as a result of the long flight from Raleigh to Oahu through Atlanta.  I wanted to get in two more workouts before the trip started and luckily I didn't have to work again before the flight on Wednesday.

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