Monday, January 31, 2011

Jetlagged Sports Conditioning and a Cat Alarm Clock: 1/27

Some people don't feel the effects of jet lag all that much.  I am not one of those lucky few.  Being as large as I am, a 10 hour flight across country is like a prison term.  After arriving in Raleigh early Tuesday, I felt like total hell.  On top of which, I had re-injured my ankle on Sunday following the race while walking down the street later in the afternoon.  Hiroko and I were walking along doing some shopping and I was looking back over my should to cross the street and didn't notice that the sidewalk was broken.  I stepped in whole and rolled my ankle again and was on the ground bleeding from both knees before realizing what had happened.  My knees were just scraped, but the ankle started to hurt immediately.  I walked on it for the remainder of the day, and it just felt craptastic for the remainder of my trip, but I was determined not to let it slow me down. 

Basil: 6lbs. fuzzy faced alarm clock . . .taken when he still had kitten teeth.

Upon retuning to Raleigh, I didn't even try to workout on Tuesday or Wednesday.  It was everything I could do to manage getting to work on Wednesday.  However, I was determined to get at least one workout in before Saturday because I had foolishly signed up to run in the NHL All Star 5k.  So I knew that I needed to either get in a run or a workout on Thursday.  The ankle was beginning to feel better and the abs were hitting a point where a comparison to bubble gum would be kind, so I decided that I needed to hit the morning class.  However, getting up at 4:15 in the morning is no easy task at anytime, let alone when you're jetlagged!  Luckily for me, I have a 6lb fuzzy faced alarm clock named Basil, who decided that he would lend me a paw or two in my attempt to get up.  Shortly after my alarm went off I got up and went to the bathroom before deciding that the gym, just wasn't going to happen.  I let basil into our bedroom on my way back to bed.  As I was about to fall back asleep Basil grabbed my arm with his claws, which weren't sharp because Hiroko and I had just cut them that night.  However, Basil decided to bite my arm as well, which would normally been alright because his kitten teeth had fallen out right before we left for Hawaii.  But during our week in Hawaii, Basil cute little teeth that were just barely coming in had become full on cat teeth and now hurt like a MOFO!~  Let's just say that I was now wide awake a totally motivated to go to the gym! 

Once i arrived at the gym everything was fine.  We did some sprints, push ups, a few abs, and other stuff.  the instructor did have us use the Bosu, which I refused to use and swapped out a step instead.  I hate the Bosu in general, but with a sprained ankle there was no way that was happening.  The class was 45mins. and right at the level that I needed for the state that I was in. 

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  1. oh my goodness basil is about the cutest thing EVER! I've been wanting a little kitten SO BADLY lately (or a pug for some weird reason). Perhaps I should just get a roommate, but I'd prefer a furry friend. :D