Sunday, January 2, 2011

Monday 27th: Light workout

This workout was rather uneventful.  Hiroko and I went to the gym after her work, and I ran three miles half on the Treadmill and half on the indoor track.  I have really gotten spoiled running outside because I don't have to deal with the congestion of the track or the boredom of the treadmill.  After running, I did another small ab session, some light exercises, and stretching.  I am attempting to ease my way back in the swing of cross training.  Honestly, it is just sad how quickly our muscles turn all doughy when we don't use them. 

I have been debating going for a half Marathon in the spring, but currently I am leaning towards continuing to run 10k and under until I can get into better overall shape.  I think that it would be too easy for me to either fall into a rut or get a repetition injury from the type of training that I would need to do in order to prepare properly for a half.

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