Friday, January 7, 2011

Last Run of the Year: 12/31

This post is a little late, but o-well.  My last run of the year was the first time that I ran outside since the post Christmas snow storm blew through town, and I was glad to get back outside.  I wasn't really happy about the patches of ice that were still on parts of the greenway where I was running, but I dealt with it alright and manged to stay on my feet.  The run was a bit of a struggle and much slower than what I had been running recently.  The Holidays had taken a bit of a toll on my conditioning because I had indulged in a bit too much holiday fare and had lain around after the snowstorm more than I had planned.  I enjoyed the run but knew that I was struggling with it, which was a Little bit of a let down.  However, it kind of mirrored the way I felt I had struggled at the end of 2010, so it wasn't altogether inappropriate.  2010 was a great year in many ways, but toward the end I felt myself struggling in many ways and just couldn't wait for it to end and give me an opportunity to start fresh.  So, I struggled through this run, giving it my best effort, and taking comfort in it's Finnish. 

I did the whole 5.33miles in 53:40.5.
Mile 1-9:46.76
Mile 2-10:01.23
Mile 3-9:59.55
Mile 4-10:44.84
Mile 5-10:10.26
Last .33-9.04

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