Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sprained Ankle Treadmill Time part II: 1/13

My Ankle started to felt alright after running the day before, which gave me the bright idea to run on the treadmill again.  This time, however, things did not go as well as they did before.  I struggled a lot with this run and had a lot of pain on the inside of my ankle going up my shin.  At first I wanted to run for 30 mins.  Then, I decided that it would be better to run 15, then walk 5, and run 10.  However, after walking 5 mins.  It was all I could do to run another 5 mins. before I shut it down.  I decided that this had been a bad idea in general, and regretted going at all because it just got me down a bit mentally.  I did do some stretching and abs, but overall I would have been better off skipping this workout.

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