Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Weds. Workout: 12/29

This was another quick workout.  It was a bit more substantial than the Monday workout, but not by much.  I did some abs and followed it up with some leg work.  This time, however, I did a full 30 mins on the Treadmill.  I didn't mess with the track at all.  Hiro and I ran beside each other, which provided me with some extra motivation.  I was able to run fairly strong and actually enjoyed the Treadmill for a change, so there is a little hope that I might not be a bored by as I though.  One thing that helped was that I was much more measured with my pace.  I gradually moved the pace up rather than one large increase right after the warm up, which gave me something to think about and didn't cause me to tired as quickly.  This was a nice little workout.  Afterward, I did a some much needed stretching.

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