Monday, January 3, 2011

Toning Tuesday: 12/28

Had to get out of the house.  The snow is nice to look at and even fun to be out in for a while, but it can get a bit overwhelming when your on a long holiday.  Basil, my cat, has loved having me around, and I've enjoyed kitten playtime, but with Hiroko at work all day I was getting pretty bored by the afternoon.  The only thing that i wasn't looking forward to about the class was the vivid reminder of just how soft I have been getting that it was sure to provide.  My workout the day before had left a lot to be desired, and I knew that this workout was sure to hurt.  However, I was just happy to be out of the house.  I ran  about a mile between the treadmill and the track for a warm up at something akin to a slugs pace.  My legs were just not feeling it, and I really started to dread the class, but I knew that I would hate myself if I didn't go. 

Once class began, I started to feel better.  I think that my body was just out whack from all the time I spent on the couch and lounging around the house because of the snow.  I got moving and the blood started to flow, warming everything up and making it easier to move.  I came up with a simple goal: do all of the exercises assigned to us.  Even if I had to stick with the lowest degree of difficulty, I wanted to complete everything.  I had increased the size of the weights that I was using form the last time I took the class, but I still wasn't at the level that had been a few months ago, but I knew that I needed to take some baby steps.  I was able to do do everything and only a few of the ab exercises gave my any real problems, the planks and the bicycles made me doubt that I would be able to reach my goal, but I struggled through it.  I won't deny that I was checking the clock as the class went on, but I enjoyed myself!

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