Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Bad Day Running is Better Than Dealing With The Guy Who's Clearly Hiding a Zombie Bite (8/20)

No idea what is up with me recently, maybe I've been bitten by zombies?  No, idea.  But my recent runs have been a struggle.  I don't feel as much constriction as I had in the past, but something is clearly off with my breathing.  Saturday, I tried to run without hitting my inhalers before the run.  Mistake.  I felt like rubbish by the second mile and had to stop in the middle of the second mile.  I paused old Bob so the times below only reflect the time that I ran.  The odd thing is that I am not coughing, wheezing, or gasping for air.  I just feel like I am not taking in enough oxygen.  One good thing is that the weather here has been just awesome, so at least there is that. 
I ran 3 miles in 30:47.09 for a 10:15

Mile 1 9:56.03
Mile 2 10:01.69
mile 3 10:48.02

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