Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post Hurricane Six Miler: 8/28

Umstead park was closed this weekend because of Hurricane Irene.  However, like many other folks in the area, I didn't let this stop me from heading into the park for my Sunday run.  The park was full of runners and bikers as usual, and other than a few down branches and washouts the park seemed to get through Irene fairly well.  My run went fairly well considering I had just run an 8k race the day before and that my longest runs for July and August were two five milers I had done that week.
I was a bit nervous that going for 6 miles so quickly might be pushing myself too hard, but I became more comfortable with the idea as I ran.  I feel as though my recovery is getting better, but my lingering breathing problems make it hard to deny that I might be dealing with a mild form of asthma.  My legs felt good throughout my run, but I had periods of time where my oxygen intake seemed off.  Luckily, my breathing was much improved from my last run in Umstead.  However, the most important thing about this run was that with it's completion, I am not hitting all the goal for my train schedule. 

6 mile in 1:09:56.45 for 11:39 pace.

1 10:47
2 12:08
3 12:23
4 11:40
5 10:19
6 12:34

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