Thursday, August 4, 2011

Paranoia Sets In, But With Good Reason -- advice needed: Aug 4th

Hypochondria, FDA warnings, Internet rants, and nearly two months of shitty-shitty luck are making me paranoid as hell.  Here is the deal -- I had planned on beginning my training for my first half marathon (Neuse River Bridge Run) next week.  However, as you may well know if you are one of my regular readers, I have been sick for most of the last six weeks.  Currently, I am on a bunch of drugs, which have me feeling a lot better but still not nearly 100%.  Also on of the drugs I am on is Levofloxacin the generic form of Levaquin, which has a nasty habit of turning tendons in dried twigs and producing spontaneous tendon ruptures.  I remembered reading  a post by Adam about an antibiotic that he was on a few months back and the two are in the same family: Levofloxacin is Cipro's bastard cousin.
Paranoia Agent

Compounding my paranoia is the fact that I have had plantar fasciitis problems in the past and usually KT the heck out of my feet and ankles just as a precaution, which I plan to do once I start running.  I only have four days left on the antibiotic and doubt if asking my doctor to change at this point is worth it.  Plus, it does seem to be helping with my illness, which already survived a Z Pack.  Also, I'm beginning to worry about my readiness for my half marathon because I lost most of July to this illness.  Granted in June I was way ahead of where I needed to be and was already doing nine mile long runs.  I think that if I can shake my illness, I might be able to get back into the train groove quickly. 

I guess my questions are how worried should really be about the Levofloxacin?  Has any of you had any experience with this drug?

Also, do you think that I should adjust my training program to a 8 or 9 week schedule?  I have seen a lot of 9 week programs, if I went two 8weeks I could use the next two weeks to ease myself into working out, but do you think 8 weeks is enough time? Any advice would be a huge help.


  1. Even with the illness you have a well established base, that being said, if I were you I'd finish up the medication and ease into things next week. 8 weeks is more than enough time to get you to the Half distance. Try not to stress too much, I know it's hard not to when you're still venturing into new unexplored distances but coming from a hypochondriac when it comes to training, I spent my first entire marathon cycle stressing out over EVERY LITTLE THING, I have learned to relax some. Life happens and you just have to roll with the punches. Focus on your rest just as much as your workouts and listen to your body as you make your way back among the living. :)

    Also, tip for PF, get a Welch's frozen concentrate and roll your arches over it at night then through back in the freezer til next time. Spike did this for awhile to combat a serious case of PF and now whenever he feels even the slightest twinge starts doing this before bed and it never gets the best of him.

    Fingers crossed you're feeling 100% ASAP!!!!

  2. I totally agree with Morgan. I wouldn't worry so much about the training. If you were running 9 mile long runs, you'll be there with 8 or so weeks of training (less if you want, even a 1.5 week taper for a half is plenty).

    The big thing that I'd be worried about is re injuring yourself. While I didn't stop running 100%, I certainly felt "off" in my joints when I was on the cipro. Better to be 90% trained than 50% hurt any day.

  3. Ask your doc about the meds, you are going to be one of MANY people with no problems I bet!
    I heard a frozen golf ball is great for treating PF; roll it under your arches. Good luck, get healthy soon!

  4. Thanks everyone! I spoke with my doctor about Levaquin on Friday, and he took me off the medication. He told me when he gave it to me that it may increase my heart rate, but it really began to race the more I took it. Thursday night was bad. Also, I started feeling a lot of soreness in my achilles, my feet, and a little in my elbow. The doctor said I was certianly having a reaction and
    gave me a new perscrtion but said that I should wait till Monday to get it filled, since I had done 7 day of the old one. It have been enough to shake the infection.

    I keep a frozen h2o bottle to roll my feet for PF and a tennis ball at my office and they have done wonders. I am glad to hear that you guys think 8 weeks is enough time for the half. My Doc told me it will take a week to get the levaqin out of my system and during that time I need to be worried about tendonits. If I take this week to heal up, I'll still have 9 weeks before the half!

  5. Greg, I am WAY late, but agree that you have that base and although this has been a huge thumb on your training and mental wellness, I just know that you still will be ready for the 1/2.
    I don't have any experience with that drug, but it sounds like a bear.