Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Run on Garbage Day: 8-18

This run was my best effort since my return to running.  I hoped that I would be a sign of steady improvement, but I'll give you a spoiler of future posts -- this run was a bit of a tease, and the ones the have followed seem to be minor steps backward.  But, before I get too far ahead let me talk about this run.  I got up early and ran before work.  The sun was up but the streets were quiet for the most part.  It was trash pick up day for most of the neighborhoods that I was running trough and the garbage trucks were out adding to fragrance of the morning.  Maybe it was the bouquet of the dumpsters and bins or god just has a sense of humor because my breathing was close to normal for most of this run.  In addition, my legs felt good as well.  I did use my inhaler prior to the run, which may have contributed to it's success.  Also, my state of mind was pretty positive as well because I was really happy to have gotten up early like I had planned.  I am a firm believer that runs, which begin with a good mental state have a significantly higher rate of success than those that don't.  However, I sometimes lose track of this when I am beginning my run. 
I am happy to say that it is starting to feel like I am really training for my half marathon.  Of course my health is not where I want it to be, but I am running, and that is the important detail that I mustn't loose sight of at this time.  The half is two months from now, and I'll be ready or I won't.  Worrying about it not really is pointless because I just need to focus on where I am now and not where I may or may not be on October 15th.  Granted, that is easier said than done, but I am trying to stay focused.   

the Garbage Day 4 miler 41.48.52 for a 10.25 pace

1) 10.07.84
2) 10.06.62
3) 10:56.48
4) 10:30.97

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  1. You WILL be ready!
    Thanks for your comment also, I am still here. I plan to get back on the posting schedule, just crazy busy!