Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Bad Day Running is Better Than Dealing With a Dystopian Life Clock (8/21)

Is my life clock blinking red?  Honestly, fed up with feeling like hell when I run.  To say this run sucked is a vast understatement.  I went out to Umstead for the first time in God know.  And it was a total shit show.  I planned on running 5, but that was pure fantasy.  The first mile was alright, but right around mile two everything went to hell.  My legs kept moving, but I was running on a glorious combination of personal pride and stupidity.  By 2.6 miles, I actually felt dizzy and had to stop.  On the way back, I was just hoping that I didn't fall down, and I stopped again at 3.3 mile.  I only used one of my inhalers prior to this run, which was just effin' stupid!  At four miles, I finally wised up and called it a day and walked back to my car.  Meh!

 4 miles in 44:22.78 (minus the stops) for 11:06 pace
1 10:26.49
2 11:17.03
3 12:06.95
4 10:32.04

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