Monday, August 29, 2011

Raleigh 8000 8/27: Race Report in Pictures

Generally speaking, I don't carry a camera with me during a race, but considering that this race was being run in a Hurricane, and I was returning from illness and injury, with my only goal in mind to finish the race, I decided to take a few pictures as I ran.  Most of the pictures didn't come out, but a few did, and snapping pictures along the way took my mind off the lingering doubts that I had about running after my bout with the flu, sinus infection, and reaction to Levaquin.  I signed up for the race after my initial bout with the flu before relapsing with the sinus infection and allergic reaction.  Otherwise, I would not have thought about running a race just yet.  However, I am glad I did register because having a race so quickly after starting running forced me to push myself rather than feel sorry for myself.

I was dreading the race up until Thursday morning and for a while hoped that it would be canceled by the hurricane, but after some encouraging words from my wife and an okay run on Thursday, I began to look forward to the run.  Overall the race was awesome!!  Really well organized, a fun course that mixed Raleigh city streets with the Greeway system, and Shelley Lake.  Just a wonderful course!  Also, what can you say about volunteers willing to stand out in a Hurricane and put on a race?  Totally awesome job by them and the Raleigh PD!  Many, many props!  Even the race shirt was top notch -- a nice tech shirt with a good color and logo that makes it ultra wearable and not something destined for goodwill.
What is more remarkable about the organization of the Raleigh 8000 is it was it's inaugural race!  Just a stellar job!  
Moving toward the starting line

Runners are happy despite the hurricane

People driving by must think we're crazy!

The rain was pretty mild to start with and I felt good as we made our way to the greenway

I'm still pretty dry, but that is about to change

Running through this tunnel -- awesome!
Just past the first water station, I was doing well but began to feel some constriction in my chest.
Geese out for a stroll

feeling a bit better

By this point the constriction seemed to pass and I felt better

All flights are grounded, sorry geese!

Crosswind here nearly ripped of my race bib!
The Rain is coming down and the greenway is getting messy

and a little flooded.
wind blowing through the tress and bushes

Just a little wet but runnin' well
The camera fogged up around mile three, but I took a few pics after I finished to make sure that it still worked, so here are some random people crossing the finish line

My times 8k in  48:43.67 for 9:53 pace
Mile 1 9:01
Mile 2 9:25
Mile 3 9:43
Mile 4 10:22
Mile 5 10:58

About four minutes off my PR, but I'll take it, just really happy to get back to racing!  I've missed it, and this race was a big confidence builder for me.


  1. Well done buddy! Love the dedication of the runner; not wind, nor hurricane rain's can stop 'em!

  2. Holy cow, you ARE back! Well done!!! Sideways rain and wind of a hurricane and you keep rollin'.

  3. Man, I was so wishin they had named that hurricane something else!

    NIcily done, pictures say it all...that the 4 minutes off were Irene's doing.