Monday, August 15, 2011

Ups & Downs of a Return to Running: 8-14-11

I planned on resting on Sunday after Saturday's run but was seduced into changing my mind by near perfect weather.  My legs were sore from the previous day's three miles; however, most of the soreness was in my quads rather than my feet and ankles.  This came as a great relief to me and even though I am still worried about the ill effects of the Levaquin I was on, I am confident that, with caution, I'll be able to run and avoid some of the nastier side effects. 

I once again took my I-pod with me on Sunday's run in order to avoid some of my more paranoid thoughts.  Also, NC State students were moving back in this weekend for the fall term and the I-pod helps deter people from yelling at you from their car as you run along the side walk.  Granted, it doesn't eliminate the problem -- some people are just committed to proving what a dumb-ass they are regardless if you will hear them or not, but it does help.  

This run was a bit of a struggle.  It started out well, and the first mile was pretty good.  The second mile was more of a struggle and caused me to stop and walk around the block before running out the last mile.  My chest is still constricting badly after the first mile, which combined with soreness in my quads, forced me to stop and walk a bit before running the last mile.  Still, despite the breathing issues, I feel like I made some improvement with this run. And, I can't wait for my next run on Tuesday.


  1. Just keep swimming, young man!
    Chali 2 Na??? I dig!

  2. Glad to see that you are back to running. The only thing more painful than running is when you can't run!!