Sunday, April 25, 2010

04/12 Monday PlyCore: Hell Day -- Running.


"This interval technique is a modified version of fartlek training that works really well for groups of people (6 or more). Stay together as a group, but spread out single file as you hit the trail or street. When everyone feels warmed up, the person at the back of the line increases her/his speed in order to pass everyone en route to the front, and then returns to the pace of the rest of the group, while the next person at the back of the line dashes to the front." I found this discription on the Body Results website as well as some other useful train methods.  However, I am quoting this for because this was part of our workout, and I wanted a good description.

This class was really difficult for me because I am not the best runner in the world.  In fact, running is still a struggle for me.  I need to shed some more weight before I will be close to decent.  However, I am learning that I really enjoy the running portions of our class more than anything else.  Which is strange to considering my breathing is for crap and I am hauling around so much extra weight that I am always worried that my knees will not be able to take the pounding, but when it comes down to it the most satisfying training sessions for me are always the big run days.  So, you may be getting the feeling that anything called Running Hell Day might have been . . . actually . . . Fun.  Well it was . . . after that initial "I feel like I am going to vomit" period

I got to class a bit early on this morning and was able to skip rope for around 15 min. which was really helpful because I felt warmed up by the time class started.  If I had not been able to do this, I am sure that I would have gotten sick this morning.

The workout:
Sprints up and back: (width of two basketball courts)
High Knees
Butt Kicks
skip jumps
Side laterals
For ward down and Backward back

Indian Run: around the basketball courts every class member goes twice (about 15 people)

Repeat Sprints and Indian Runs two more times.

Small cool down and H2O break.

15 dips
10 incline and decline push ups
10 step ups on each leg
4 flights of stairs (up & down)
5 chin ups
2 long laps outside:  long laps are about .36 miles and go around a quarter of the block
I did this portion of the workout twice.

After this workout, I felt like I had really put in some good work.  I felt more tired than I had in a long while.  I think that the only thing that has worked me harder in recent weeks has been the 12 days of Christmas.

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