Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dietary changes & Monday's Sports Conditioning 4/5

I've known for awhile now that I need to change the way that I eat. I eat a lot of foods that are healthy, but I often snack way too much. Also, snacking has become a way to kill time for me rather than something needed to make from one meal to the next. Slow days at work would often be filled with trips to the vending machine and peanut M&M, which are nearly as addictive as morphine. However, I have done really well since New Year's and have replaced these trips to the vending machine with fruits and veggies that I bring from home. Also, I have begun to bring mixed nuts and raisins (no peanuts!), which have really helped reduce my food cravings. I still allow myself some sweets, but I try to limit myself more than I have in the past. I know that I need to compliment my exercise commitment with better eating habits if I want to see the level of weight loss that I am striving for.

Monday's class was kind of ho-hum for me. I am not sure why really because it produced a great sweat, and I felt really good afterwards. I think that it was because I was expecting that the instructor wold be Dan, but it was Bryan instead. I really enjoy some of Bryans classes but the ones like todays are good but not outstanding. However, we did do a lot of running and stairs, which I did enjoy. I really like Bryan's 12 days of Christmas workout.

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