Monday, April 5, 2010

Thursday April 1st: AM Plycore & PM Bicycle Ride at Lake Johnson

Plycore Class was a lot like it has been for the last two weeks, so I am not going to go into a lot of details other than the fact that the warm up was more difficult: more push ups and chin ups. Other than that, the class was about the same. I have come to notice something about the people that take Plycore vs. those that take Sports Conditioning. There is a group of us who go to both classes, but there is also a group that only comes to SC and a group that only comes to PC. And for the most part, the PC group seems to be made up people who are in really good shape and training for some event. SC, however, has a much wider selection of people. For a long time I thought that this was because of the name or maybe the instructor, but I have recently come to the conclusion that the 30 mins difference in there start times is the main reason for the difference in who takes the class. Plycore starts at 5:30 am and sports Conditioning begins at 6:00 am, and I think that the line between people who just want to workout before work and people who are devoted to a certain level of fitness is found somewhere around 5:45 am. Also, Plycore offers a much greater opportunity to skip reps because we use the whole gym and the instructor is almost always working out alongside the people at the very front of the class, so the people lagging behind are on the honor system, but you will hardly ever see people in Plycore skipping reps. So, if you ever wonder just how devoted a person is to working out and training, just look to the 5:45 am line of commitment.

That afternoon, My wife and I went for a Bike ride at Lake Johnson in Raleigh. It was my first time to visit the lake and my wife's second. The lake has a paved trail that goes around about half of the lake and an unpaved trail that goes around the other half. We only went on the paved portion because my bike is not set up for rough terrain. I really enjoyed the course, which had a few nice sized hills. It was a really nice day,so there were a lot of people so we couldn't get up a lot of speed for the hills, which made them a bit tougher than they needed to be, but also a good little workout. Overall, we had a good time, but the pollen was really bad and hit my wife's allergies hard.

The Ride was 5.46 miles

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