Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Saturday Workout: The Wheel's Second Turn.

This was my second attempt at The Wheel, and it was a much better day for it. There was a nice breeze and very few people at the gym. The Pollen wasn't as bad at the time of my workout as it had been the day before, so the outside portions were not as difficult to take. I switched up the exercises a little and overall I liked this a great deal. However, I think that next time I will do the run outside, followed by the stairs, then the run inside. I want to make this change because in my classes I always struggle when I have to run laps after running stairs, and I know that I need to improve on how quickly my muscles adjust to the change. If I can adjust to this transition from climbing to running better, I am sure it will strengthen my quads. As it is now when I come out of the stairs my legs are so tight that I can't take a long stride until about the time that I am a third of the way around the track. I know that I suffer from tight quads and hamstrings, so targeting this area for improvement is really a must.

The Wheel:

200 Skips on the Jump Rope
2 laps around the track
2 laps around the buliding (Side Shuffles up the hillside)
4 flights of stairs (Up & Down)
15 dips
25 Cross Over Crunches Left
25 Cross Over Crunches Right
50 Standard Crunches
5 Push ups

I did this five times.

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