Monday, April 26, 2010

Weds. 4/14 Sports Conditioning & Thursday 4/15 PlyCore (900) . . . Wisdom Tooth and a bad idea workout!

These two classes were both really good, but in all honesty, I don't remember exactly what I did in them in much detail. Following the Plycore workout I went to the dentist and was ambushed with a wisdom tooth extraction! Not fun . . .not at all. I know that during the sports conditioning class we did one legged hops up the stairs, which were not fun either, but still much more fun than having a giant tooth yanked from your head. The plycore class on Thursday was really good. I remember that we did a lot of push up, Squats, dips, abs, and lunges.

I was not able to work out for the next two days, and then on Sunday the 17th I jumped rope for 30 mins, which was a huge mistake. I felt really bad afterward. In fact, I felt so bad that I ended up taking the following day off from work. this workout may have also been what caused my dry socket, which is also very un-fun! the dry socket lasted until this weekend, but didn't slow me down too badly once I got some clove oil.

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