Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Friday Workout: The Wheel (prototype)

I've started a new solo workout that I am calling, The Wheel. I'm calling it this because it it sort of reminds me of a wheel because of all of the laps. I like this workout because I know that I need to run more and do more stairs. Stairs just take the wind right out of me, and I need to build up my stamina, therefore I will be doing some variation of this routine a lot in the coming weeks. There will always be four major components of the wheel: Jump Rope, Laps, Stairs, and Stationary Exercises. The jump rope portion will always be rep based rather than timed. The laps will be both inside laps on the track and outside laps around the building. Also, the outside portion along the hillside will be something like side laterals, back peddles, or high knees. The stairs will always be touch every step because that is more difficult for me than every other. I'll vary the stationary exercises with each workout, but the will be abs, dips, squats, or something similar.

Friday's  Wheel (prototype)

Since this was the first time I did this, I was trying to feel my way through and see just how far I could push myself.  The thing that worries me most about this routine is the pounding that my feet and shins will take. 

Jump Rope 200 skips
Laps on track: 2
Laps around the building (with back peddles up the hillside): 2
Flights of Stairs : 4
Prisoner Squats w/leg lifts: 15
Standard Crunches: 50
Cross Over Crunches Left: 25
Cross Over Crunches Right: 25

I did this three times.  I could have done more, but I was doing this in the afternoom and the pollen was really bad, and my eyes were really burning, so I thought it best to stop at three rounds.

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