Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PlyCore 4/8: great warm up Workout!

This workout was only special because the workout the day before had lacked energy so badly that I really need to get a good workout in the books. I always enjoy plycore class, I had recently been struggling with the class because the warm up portion of the class have been pretty brutal. Lots of core and weight exercise and very little running or abs. This is really hard on me this early in the morning. I really need to get my blood flowing, so I seem to do better on days when I can get my heart rate up early in the workout. This day was pretty much the same, but I was able to handle it much better. I think that I can attribute my level of enjoyment to my own warm up before the class began. I arrived a bit early so I was able to Jump rope for about 10 mins. before class began and it really seem to payoff for me. I just felt more energetic than I had felt recently. Also, the running portion of the class wasn't that difficult, so I was able to keep up with the rest of the class and join in the abs section at the end, which a rarity for me. The ab portion of the class was great and what I needed.

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