Friday, April 2, 2010

Plycore: Monday Is Run Day and That's My Fun Day.

Plycore class was an awesome way to start my work week. Sometimes a workout will just fit your mood and this workout did just that. I had been feeling like I had lost my way a bit because the previous week had been so hectic, and I hadn't had a great workout experience since the following Monday because of the distractions in our classes in the middle of the week and my owm busy schedule over the weekend. In addition to the poor quality of my workouts, we were also having a cold spell with a lot of rain, so I was starting to see my mood slide a bit, and I needed to do something to right the old mental ship asap. That was why Dan's return as the Monday morning instructor was so welcome to me.

As much as I like and respect the other Monday morning instructors, Dan's Monday Plycore are my favorite classes at the Y. Granted Bryan's 12 day's of Christmas are quickly gaining ground, but Plycore and Dan's 900 just push me to test myself in a way that doesn't come to me naturally. It is kind of hard to explain, but when I am taking these classes I feel like there are three versions of myself out there: past, present, and future. I can run away from the past me that is out of shape and watching his life slip past him daily and I chase the futre me that is strong, in shape, and has a positive outlook. Also, these classes useully don't require direction from the instructor, so I can turn on my I-pod and really focus on what I am doing. Lastly, even though these workouts are challenging, they rarely require me to attempt an exercise that I feel might injure me more than anything I would do in the course of one of my solo workouts.

This class was by far a National Run Day, but the runs were a good combination of distances and broken up by enough exercises that I was gassed after one set. The only thing that I would have like to change about this class was that we didn't have any abs.

The Workout:

4 laps around the track (warm up)

3 sprint across the gym & back peddle back
10 push ups
15 dips
10 step ups each leg
10 Squats
4 Flights of stairs
5 Chin ups
2 laps around the track
Repeat as many time as possible in 40 mins.

I did 4 sets and started a 5th.

Sprints and side shuffles
Leap Frogs and Burpees
Repeat for 10 mins

I did 3 sets.

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