Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Saturday Umstead Run: 10/16

I run the loop portion of the company mill trail

I really wish that I had run last week's 5k like I ran in Umstead today.  I felt really good the entire run.  No problems with my quad or side.  It was just a great run.  My Plantar Fasciites has flared up some, but I am treating it.  The tendons on the bottoms of my feet were a little cranky at the beginning of my run, but by about the 2 mile mark they were feeling alright or I stopped thinking about them, but either way, they didn't hold me back in the slightest.  I just discovered that my I-pod has a stopwatch feature, so I was able to get an accurate time: 42:36, which is not bad for 3.91 miles of up and down trails with some pretty tricky spots.  I am pretty sure that this is the fastest that I have run the company mill loop.  Today's run was one of my most complete efforts ever.  No problems navigating the rocks and roots, and I ran stronger the longer I ran.  Also, I was pushing harder in parts of the trail where I haven't in the past and didn't run any less strong else where.  I had a great personal moment towards the end of my run when I was passing a group of scouts hiking along a flat stretch of the trail just before the finish.  They were cubs scout age and as I went by one group they start yelling to the group in front "watch out for the runner" and "hey, there's a runner coming!"  Not jogger, not a guy walking, but a "runner," and today I felt it: I am a runner.  It is great to finally feel that way!
Each trail has its  own symbol to help you stay on the right trail


  1. How cool is THAT?! There is no observer more honest than a kid. They said it therefore it is.

    You know what, this is actually the very reason I run. When I was a little kid I would see men & women out running or running in marathons and think to myself that they were the physical manifestations of Fitness. If I can run and finish a 5K/10K/half/full etc, then I am that person that I admired as a kid.

    A BAZILLION thank yous for sending me those posts. I've reposted and working on readding the pics. I thought they were gone forever. THANK YOU!!