Friday, October 8, 2010

Pre-Race Stuff and Goal Time Announcement: 10/8

This post will be about my pre-race stuff, no workout yesterday or today.  I went and picked up my race packet yesterday, and I am not feeling any nervousness, which is different from my last 5k.  I started getting nervous on the way to pickup my race packet, and I didn't really settle down until about a mile into the run.  Right now, I'm a calm as a Hindu cow. . . we'll see if this continues.  Last night Hiro and I went and drove the course, which pretty strait and flat with only one good sized hill right around the 2 mile mark.  Hiro is getting a bit wound up about it.  This will be her first timed run and she has not been running nearly as much as I have.  We are not planning to stick together at all because I really want to go after my goal time.

I ran my last 5k in 26:30.8 on a really flat course, but one that had many more twists and turns and on a much warmer day.  My goal time for this 5K is 25:00 minutes flat, which would put me at just over 8 minute mile pace for the whole race, and would mean that I shave 90 seconds off of my PR.  I am not sure how realistic this goal is for this race, but I would rather flame out trying for a goal I am not sure that I'll reach than pick something safe just so I don't have to come back On my blog and say I didn't get my goal.  So, there it is:  My goal is 25 Minutes!

The tightness in my quad has passed, and my heels feel better than they have in months.  I am not feeling anything from Wednesdays 4.8 miles.  The heels were a little sore yesterday, but today they feel good.  I'll tape everything up good tonight before bed, and be ready to roll in the morning. 

Here are some of the songs that will be in my I-pod for the race:

Black Sheep by Metric
How You Like Me Now by The Heavy
Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
Steady as She Goes by The Raconteurs
Back Against the Wall by Cage the Elephant
Electric Feel by MGMT
Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert (don't judge me!)
E-pro by Beck

Speaking of I-pods, check out this I-pod give away Shut Up and Run! is doing if you have time.

Well, I guess that this is about all for now.  Next post should be a Race Report.  See you at the Starting line!

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  1. One of my current iPod faves: Gasoline by the Airborne Toxic Event. pretty good bpms

    You are so ready!!! Good luck to Hiro too!