Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plan Change, The Second Worst Movie, and Road ID: Oct. 5th

I can't believe they made a sequel! I know
That if I go to hell, I'll be forced to watch them
for eternity.

The instructor for my toning class was changed today, so Hiroko and I decided not to attend.  I might have stayed in the class had the instructor not said for us to get a Bosu as soon as she entered the room. I HATE THE BOSU!!!  There are several things in this world that I could live my whole life and not experience again and be very Happy:

1) Watch the Ethan Hawke movie Before Sunrise -- 2nd worst film that I have watched.  Pretentsion Optimized!  I would almost rather watch every Merchant/Ivory production ever made than that movie.
2) Eat in a cafeteria again.  (Germ factories and heaven's waiting room) honestly few places force us to face our own mortality more than a cafeteria, and I live in the south, so throw in some morbid obesity to go along with everything else!
3) A drunken 5am train ride from Roppongi station to Kasukabe.  Trust me.  This one has to be lived about once every other weekend for the better part of a year to be understood.  Horrid.
4) Stepping one single foot on a Bosu.  My finger is still messed up from the one bosu class my wife talked me into attending. 
5) Living in Fairmont, WV.  The only way I will move back is in a box!  Some people love the place, and I do like to visit, but living there is not for me.

Anyway, now that my rant is over, and I have alienated every member of the Fairmont, WV chapter of the Ethan Hawke Fan Club, which is meeting at this very moment in the K&W cafeteria on Gaston Ave., I'll move on.  (btw: I know that there is no K&W in Fairmont, but there should be, they would make a killing --  pun intended!)

So, all today's workout consisted of was a 1 mile run, which was awesome.  I was able to complete it in 7 and a half minutes on the indoor track.  I feel like I could have dug a bit deeper if I wanted, so I feel real good about this.  I am not planing to get anywhere near this pace on Saturday, but I like knowing that I have it in somewhere.

Today, when I arrived home I got my Road ID, which is something that every person that runs, cycles, hikes, or does anything active outside should really have.  Both Hiroko and I ordered them.  Mine is here and Hiro's will arrive by the end of the week.   Here is a coupon for $1.00:
Coupon Number: ThanksGreg845069

PS:  the worst movie ever is Gummo!  I can't warn you enough: Don't watch this movie!  Save youself the pain, and just schedule yourself the labotomy because watching this movie will permantly damage the fabric of your soul.  I am not kidding.  I am rarely offended by anything, but Gummo was, boring, offensive, and and repugnent.  Don't watch it!


  1. Whaaat?? Don't you ever wonder what happened to the girl (sweet Dutch boy) you met in Paris (Vienna) the summer before college when you were backpacking through Europe? This movie was necessary. Now I know how our second encounter would have ended (sadly).

    Shazaaam! 7 min miles! WTG!!

  2. This entry made me laugh out loud :)

    I'm proud of all you're doing! Keep up the good work!