Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lunch on the Run: 10/27

It was a busy day for me, so I had to fit my run in during my lunch hour becauseI had tickets to the Caps vs. the Canes at the RBC Center, which was a great game for me because my Caps shutout the Home town Canes 3-0!  I had planned on going to the AM Sports Conditioning class at the Y, but I just couldn't get going this morning.  However I wanted to fit a workout or a run in today because on a whim I signed up for my first 10 k . . . and . . . it will be in two weeks!  Next weekend I'll run a 5k then eight days later, I'll do my first 10k.  I think that I am ready for the distance, and I'm not worried about hitting any goal time since it will be my first 10K, a PR is going to happen!  Anyway, this morning Hiro took our car to her work, and I took my bicycle, which gave me the Idea that at lunch I would just run a 5k course to her work, get the car, drive to our apartment, shower, grab a sandwich and head back to work.  After work I could put my bike on the bike rack and pick up Hiro, then we could grab some and drop off the bike on our way to the game. 

Not where or how I spent my lunch
It seems like a bonehead plan it might not be the best idea that I have ever had, but I wanted to try!  So this morning I mapped out my run before I left the house.  Hiro And I only work about 2 miles from one another, so I need to add in some additional twists and turns to make the right distance.  I ended up with a route that was just over 3.2 miles, and had four nice size uphills and two good downhills.  Unfortunately it was unseasonable hot today with highs in the mid eighty's!  The run itself went really well, but I was super sweaty when I got home.  I couldn't stop sweating even after my shower, so I had to wear some transition clothes until I stopped sweating.  The afternoon went by pretty quickly, I thought that the run might make me sleepy but, I was wide awake because I was so frantic to get back to work closed to on time.  Next time I do his it will be a day that Hiro has ridden her bike to work, so I can just run to the apartment.  I lost a lot of time today driving from Hiro's work to out apartment,    Overall, I know that I will do this again, but there is no way that I could do it in the summer because I would melt.


  1. That plan actually sounds pretty brilliant. So brilliant, I have to wonder if Hiro didn't really come up with it. Hmmm... :)

    GREAT job on finding, no, MAKING time for your workouts. You are definitely in the zone!!

  2. Hiro, thinks that I am crazy and want no part of this at all! ;)