Monday, October 11, 2010

Recovery Run or Whatever You Choose to Call It and an Article: 10/10

I am not a science guy but the science of running interest me.  From time to time, I will post different articles about running that I come across not because I take them as gospel, but because I am pretty new to running, and I want to know what the conventional wisdom is saying.  There are so many sources of good, bad, and misinformation out their that I am more looking for patterns rather one place that holds all of the answers.  So, I have been reading tons of blogs, looking up articles on the web, and have signed up for a subscription to . . . wait for it . . . yes . . . Runners World in order to get a broad range of information.  Recently on other blogs I have been reading: I Am Boring said something about doing a recovery run, and despite not being able to find the post again because I am too lazy to scroll through his whole blog again, so I google the heck out it the term and found lots of interesting info, which all seemed to disagree with each other on one level or another.  Below, you find a link to one article that seem fairly interesting, didn't put meet to sleep, or sound like someone rocking back and forth on their own little hobby horse. 

A Fresh Perspective on Recovery Runs

The reason that I was interested in the concept of a recovery run is that I felt like total garbage after each of my last 5k's for the better part of week, something I didn't care to repeat after Saturday's race.  I already figured that it would be less likely because this race was on a much less humid day, and my conditioning has improved greatly since either of those races.  But, I just didn't want to sit on my couch and watch football all day, so after reading up on recovery runs and deciding that I probably didn't need to do one, I did one anyway.  I also think that I just wanted to get back out there to try to aid in my mental recovery.  I felt better about the race after getting a nights sleep, and the time didn't bother me.  It was the fact that I had to stop running that really had me down.  I basically wanted to run just to clear my mind.  However, I wanted to take it easy and run on as flat a surface as I could.  About a mile from my apartment there is road that is just perfect for my needs.  Fleet Feet of Raleigh is right near there, so there are all kinds of runners and jogger running along that stretch of road.  It also has really nice bike lanes, so it is just ideal.  I walked the mile to where the road started then did an easy 3 mile.  It was just what I need to sort myself out.  After walking the mile home, I felt really relaxed.  I didn't have any pains or soreness to speak of at all, so I was just pleased as punch with my recovery run or . . . whatever?

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