Friday, October 1, 2010

CrossFit: Push Up Hell Day (10/1)

This was not my best effort.  No denying it, so I am not even going to try.  The problem that I have with myself on days like today, is that I should have either decided that today's workout was not for me and done something else or committed to it fully but mailing it in is only going to get me hurt.  I took yesterday off to rest my quads, but my left quad hasn't responded.  It isn't anything that I need to worry about -- it is just really sore.  But, the main problem with today's effort was that I knew before the workout that it was too difficult for me. 
Today's Workout (proposed:
50 Push ups / Suicide / 5 Squats
45 Push ups / Suicide / 10 Squats

40 Push ups / Suicide / 15 Squats
35 Push ups / Suicide / 20 Squats
30 Push ups / Suicide / 25 Squats

25 Push ups / Suicide / 30 Squats
20 Push ups / Suicide / 35 Squats

15 Push ups / Suicide / 40 Squats
10 Push ups / Suicide / 45 Squats
5 Push ups / Suicide / 50 Squats

In 30 mins.  The portion in Red is about what I completed (at some point in the40 rep set I switched to girl push ups).  Also, the instructor gave each of us a mini H2O bottle, which we place on its side, so that we could keep proper form.  We needed to make sure that our chest touched the bottle each time.  On a good day, I can do 50 push ups with crappy form, so I pretty much knew that this was going to be a nightmare for me, and the squats were not going to be kind to my quad.  So, I should have gone and done an ab workout or something if I wasn't going to really commit to this workout.  Instead, I gave what was clearly an uninspired effort.  I won't take this class next week because I have a 5k on Saturday the 9th, but I will be back in two weeks, and I not be mailing it in then.

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