Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wow! Is for Wednesday: . Quesadilla Fajitas 4.8 mile run Two-a-day! (10/6)

The plan is toast!  But, I think it is in a good way.  Here are the most important details of the day:

  1. I got up and went to Sports Conditioning Class: it was so-so.
  2. I went to work and had a craptastic day, and I am not even sure why.
  3. I ate Mexican food for lunch.
  4. I came home and went for a run.  (I know where you might think this is going considering I once held the nickname "Puke Skywalker," but not this time!
  5. I ran 4.81 mile along the most hilly street in Raleigh  and did it in somewhere around 40 mins. (I need a Garmin!!)
Alright, let's expand on the these.  The class was only alright because I didn't really feel like pushing myself too hard.  And, to be honest I am struggling with this class because it never changes all that much.  I know that I need the ab workout and cross training is important.  However, it is difficult for me because the class has change very little in the year that I have been attending.  I know that their is a good side to such stability, but I am just not enjoying it at this moment.  I stopped at the 30 minute point to get some extra stretching and to use the foam roller, which I have been doing over the last few weeks when the class begins doing more jumping exercises, which would wreck my heels.

Today's Lunch: not sure how I kept this in me!
I am going to make the work portion of this quick b/c it isn't important in the long run.  I just had one of those days where you think I would just can't wait for work to be over, and you would love nothing more than to uninvent the fluorescent light bulb!  Fluorescent light bulbs -- Yuck!  Mexican Food yum!  However, running nearly 5 miles after Mexican food when you weigh as much as a small Llama is not the best idea. BTW: (My weight = Small  llama regardless of eating Mexican)

In fact, it usually a recipe for disaster.  However, today was not the case.  I had not planned this run, but after work, I knew that I needed to run or I would just sit a stew all night, so I asked Hiro if she want to go for a run with me and once she stopped laughing enough to shake her head no, I was out the door without any real idea where I was going.  I decided to run along Wade Ave. because it is the only really hilly spot near where I live, and I wanted to run on cement somewhere more challenging than the 5k course will be on Saturday.  Also, if I had seen someone running along that street 6 months ago, I would have thought they were nuts.  The street is only has small rolling hills, but they are some of the biggest hills that you will find around here.  I had a bit of stomach pain toward the tail end of Wade Ave., but it in noway slowed me down.  Once I hit about 2.5 miles had no problems.  I was really shocked at how easily I handled the hills.  All of those Umstead runs are paying off.

It was a nice cool day, and I was running just before Sundown, so it felt great to be out.  I still had a nice sweat going and could tell that this was going to be a great run when I finished.  The best part of the run came at the last half mile or so.  I was running south on a street and a running group happened to be running north (may a dozen or so people), and we me up at an intersection at the same time, and we all turned west at the same time.  I fell right in with them for the last half mile of my run, it was an awesome feeling because I ran right to the front of their group and then out past them.  I wasn't trying to do it, but I was just running really strong and got excited.  I doubt that they cared in the slightest.  But, I just really liked the feeling because it made me think that I might be able to call myself a runner at last. 

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  1. Eating mexican and pounding out a 4.8 miler? Oh yeah, that's a runner!

    I'll bet you not only out-paced that running group but you probably ran twice as far too!