Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Lunch Hour Run: 5k 10/13

The Free to Breathe 5k on Nov. 6th in Raleigh is being run right on the campus where I work.  The course goes right past my office, so today just before lunch, I thought to myself "why should I wait till after work to run?"  So, I changed in to my running clothes, which I had in my bag for the gym and went for a run.  I ran the exact course that I will be running on the 6th.  I took along a stop watch that one of my co-workers had for his work, so I even have an accurate time: 28:23:15, which is not bad at all.  This is a hilly course and there was some lunch hour traffic to deal with, but mainly -- I never really opened it up.  I just ran my normal pace the whole way.  I think that this might be a slower course than the last two race that I have run, but I won't know that for sure until I have run it a few more times.  I plan to run it at least two more time before the race, and the lunch time run might happen more often.  Luckily, I live very close to work, so I can go home and shower if needed.  However, what I may end up doing is riding my bicycle to work in the morning, running at lunch, ending at home, showering, then drive back to work and put the bike back on the rack on the way home.  Hmmm . . . sounds like a plan to me!

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