Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hiro Goes to Running Group & Four Miles of DAIKKON Fun: 10/21

Yeah!!! Hiro joined me for my new running group that meets up at Fleet Feet on Thursday nights at 6pm.  This is a big deal because when it comes to training (these are her words -- not mine, but I do agree), she is incredibly lazy!  Don't get me wrong, Hiro is not a lazy person and has an great work ethic, but she is one of those rare people that is just really athletically inclined, so she doesn't have to train hard in order to preform most athletic activities at an acceptable level.  I offer this as a very stupid trivial example of  her abilities and how frustrating they can be: a few years back Hiro, and a friend went to the North Carolina State Fair together and were playing some games.  Hiro's friend and I lost seven straight games of Wac-a-mole to Hiro, the whole time she played while eating an ice cream cone.  She didn't spill one drop of ice cream nor lose a single game until the last when she had already gotten the prize she wanted.  Hiro's friend was so frustrated that she dismember the chintzy little stuffed bear she one in the last game.  I on the other hand long before gotten use to losing to her. 

Hiro & Her Prize
So since Hiro doesn't train that much (for her 5k, she logged at most five 30 min runs on the treadmill in the month before she busted out a time of 26:45, smiling the entire way), I was shocked that she agreed to come with me to the running group.  Last week, I really had a good time and was expecting to run with the same group of ladies that I ran with.  They were really nice, and their pace was perfect for me.  However, they weren't anywhere to be found when we arrived at the store (I later found out that they had gotten there earlier and left before us).  Hiro and I fell in with a group of runners that were forming up, but who we could tell were much stronger runners than us.  Also, I had been having some stomach pains most of the day because of some Daikkon radish I had eaten the day before.  Daikkon is really tasty, but it has been known to make one a bit on the gassy side from time to time.  I did realize just how hard it would hit me until it was much too late. 

Our group started out on what was suppose to be a 5 miler, but I knew that right from the start that this run was going to be brutal.  Their pace was at a much faster clip than I was accustom.  Hiro and I did really well keeping up for the first mile and half, but their was hardly any talking for us.  At around the mile mark my stomach had started to act up, an by the mile and a half point I was really starting to feel bad.  When we hit the two mile mark we were still right with the group, but I was in really bad pain, and when two other runner decide to cut the run short I asked Hiro to do the same.  We stopped and walked a little bit just so that I could sort out my stomach issues.  Once I determined that I wasn't going to have to look for some bushes, we were able to run the remainder of the way back.  We walked less than a quarter mile, and enjoyed a nice little chat on the way back. 

Once we returned, we met up with the group of runners from last week and made plans to run with them for the next week.  Then we met up with the group that we ran with today and they told us about another run that happens in downtown Raleigh on Monday's, which we plan to attend.  On the way home my stomach went total ape-shite me and just started singing.  But, Hiro said that she had a good time and that she wanted to go again next week, so was really happy I went because  I might make a running partner out of my wife -- at least a part-time running partner.  My stomach was cranky all night, and has been pretty much the same today because when we got home all we had to eat was some fish and the left over Daikkon from the night before!!!  I am stocking up on pasta for next week!  No more Daikkon!

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  1. BD is also a naturally gifted athlete, who has no desire to run/race or really do anything athletic besides watch SportsCenter. It ISN'T FAIR!

    We went for a short run together today and of course, he left me in the dust.