Thursday, October 14, 2010

First 5 Miler: 10/14

My first five miler was a big achievement for me, but not because I did it.  What was the big achievement is that I was Mr. Chatty Pants the whole time.  I joined a running group for our local Fleet Feet for the first time.  And, I had a great time.  In the morning when I run with my classes, my mind can't function.  It is still dark and my brain is running on only it's most basic systems.  By the time I an close to functional, the rest of the class has left me far behind.  However, the group that I ran with today stuck together for the most part until the end when three of us pulled away.  We did the whole run at about a 9:45  pace, which is really great considering all of the hills and talking.  I really enjoyed this run and am sure it will become a regular fixture of my workouts.  Also, this has me thinking that a half might be a bit closer than I thought.  Maybe in the spring rather than the fall.  We shall see.  But for right now, I am just happy that things are going well.  My PF is not hurting too much, so I can really enjoy my runs.

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  1. I have to leave for work in about 10 but am excited that you had such a super 5-er and it was smoooth! Andas en fuego! Don't you love this kind of running?

    Good to "see" you again. Keep it up!!