Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Monday Plycore:Slowly Backing It Down 10/11

I could have taken Monday off, but I want to do a little cross training before my taking a day off.  So, I went to Plycore class, which was nice.  It was kind of different from what I am used to doing in the class.  It was much more of an aerobic and kind of low impact, which I really needed.  I stayed for 45mins of the class before going and hitting the foam roller and stretching.  I knew before class that we would no longer be running outside in the morning as part of this class, so I will now be able to change up my workouts a bit easier over the next few weeks.  I might be able to move my long runs to Sunday if Friday's CrossFit class kicks the tar out of me.

Tuesday is an off day, and I plan to run on Wednesday rather than attend class.  I may or may not do the ab portion of class, but I plan on starting a daily ab workout for myself over the next two months.  I am pretty sure that my gut negatively effects my running and working on my core would really help my running.  I don't plan to go crazy but just get in a little bit each day to see if I can tighten up some.  At the least, my back and upper legs will benefit from it. 

Mentally, I am feeling alright following the run.  I am really glad that I signed up for the 5k in November because two months would have been just too long to wait for my next race. 

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