Saturday, March 6, 2010

Firday Circuit Class

This class was not all that difficult.  Mainly because I was still wiped out from the last few days.  This was mainly my fault.  I could have worked harder, but I was just doing go to make it to the gym.  I know that it is going to take me a few days to get back up to full speed.  I have gotten pretty sore around my shins and my feet are a bit swollen as well.  this is pretty much due to the pounding from the jump rope and stairs, but I went to a Hockey game on Thursday night and had to keep legs in an awkward position for a long time.  My shins always feel really sore for a few days after I sit like that.  The same thing happens on airplanes as well.

Anyway, For Holly's 6:15 Circuit class she gave us 30 exercies, and we did each one for 60 seconds.   No repeats.  Below is a list of all of the ones that I can recall.  After that we did a few Jump squats (just what my shins needed).  Over all this was a good workout because I really just wanted to put in some work but not overly tax my body.

The Workout

  1. burpees
  2. Jumping over a small box
  3. dips
  4. jumping jacks
  5. push ups
  6. Push ups w/weight raises 8lb.
  7. overhead press with 8lb. weights
  8. tic-toc leg raises
  9. Side Jumps over an exercise mat
  10. Bird Dogs
  11. planks
  12. ski mobiles
  13. jumping lunges
  14. squats
  15. bridge hamstring curl on stability ball
  16. roman chair
  17. ball touches
  18. Sculler sit up
  19. Heel raises
  20. Cross over Mt. Climbers

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