Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Sports Conditioning: 12 Days of Christmas

Today's sports conditioning class was merciless.  There is no other way to put it!  this was the best workout that I have done since I began this blog.  In fact, I still feel tired from it.  Bryan was our instructor today, and every so often he will have us do what he call the 12 Days of Christmas and trust me, each of these "days" brings the gift of pain.  This workout is just done just like you would sing the song, and by the time you get to the 12th day your just glad that it is over with, sort of like how I have felt every single time that I have been force to sing that song!

1) The Grand Tour (two flight of stairs up & down + a lap around the track and a run down the hallway)
2) Running the white lines (run in the shape of a 5 and do side scuffles for the Horizontal lines)
3) Squat Jumps
4) Dips
5) Eight Count Burpees (hands to the ground, plank, spread feet out, Bring feet back together, push up, stand up, Jump)
6) Crunches
7) Leg Raises on a bench (each leg)
8) Push Ups
9) Squats
10) Mt. Climbers
11) Bunny Hops (small jumps like skipping rope without the rope)
12 Juping Jacks

The 11th & 12th rounds were beyond painful. I was the only one still attempting to complete all 12 rounds by this point. Everyone else had either completed the workout or given up and joind the others for a streach. The thought of stopping never entered my mind. I finished 5 mins after class had ended, which is good considering the last time I did this workout I finished at least a full 15 mins after class. Also, I know that I pushed myself much harder this time. There were a couple of times around days 8 & 9, while I was doing the burpees or after climbing the stairs where I felt kind of bad, but I never tought that I was pushing too hard. However, the bicycle ride home from the gym was not plesant, nor was the one from home to work, and I am fairly certian that the one home from work will not be either. Reguardless of the biking difficulties this workout may cause, I enjoyed this class a great deal, and I am really proud of the effort level that I put into it.

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