Friday, March 12, 2010

Nat'l Run Day III, Out Running Myself: Thursday Plycore

Yes, this class qualifies as another National Run Day. But, more importantly, this class marks a very significant change for me. When I started taking these morning classes, the first class that I took was a Thursday Plycore class. It was mid-September and still warm, so Dan was having us run our laps outside around the building. I remember by the second warm up lap I was so winded that I was walking part of the way. At the time, I felt kind of in shock about my poor conditioning because I had been working out for a while and could see an improvement from where I had been at the beginning of the summer. But, on that morning in September, as I tried to force my feet to move it struck me just how far I had to go if I really wanted to get healthy.

Since that day, I have attended nearly every week day morning class while continuing to work out on the weekends. I have noticed a huge improvement in body as the weather has gotten bad and we move our workouts inside. It has been easy to put that first class out of my mind, but yesterday the weather was nice in the morning, and Dan had us run outside for the first time in about four months. As we started our first lap around the building, I wasn't thinking about that first morning at all. I had settled into my normal position towards the back of the group, but I was keeping up. However, I started to think about that first morning as I ran up the little hillside that begins each lap. I could feel my pace beginning to pick up as I approached the spot where I had to start walking on that first morning. Something in me was not content to just keep walking. I had to open up my gate and leave that person behind. I felt good as I picked up speed and soon I noticed that I was passing my classmates one by one. By the time we entered the building again I was leading the class. But, I didn't care because frankly, in my mind there were only two people running out there: me and the guy that showed up to that class six months ago. Honestly, the rest of this workout was pretty unimportant. I couldn't maintain my pass and my classmates passed me, but I never stopped. I ran around that building six more times and never stopped.

The Workout:

2 laps around the building
20 Clean and Jerks 8 lbs dumbbells (10 each arm)
20 push ups
5 Squat Jumps
4 flights of stairs (up and down)
5 chin ups
sprints/butt kicks/ high knees up the hill


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