Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mon. Sports Conditioning: Nat'l Run Day II

Bryan was Monday's instructor and the class was once again a run fest. I am not going to try to describe the various exercises that we did because there were just too many and some were timed while others were counted, so it would really be too much effort. Basically, the class began with a really good warm up, which I enjoyed because Bryan is by far the best instructor at the Y for the quality of his warm ups. The other instructors either don't take enough time or just don't combine stretching and warm up exercises. After the warm up, we did about 40 mins. of runs, some sprints, some drills, and laps and stair. There were other exercisers like pushups and dips interspersed between these runs, but the ratio was at least 3:1. Following the running segment of class, we did some kickboxing drills for about 10 mins. and a cool down.

Overall, I like Bryan's class because it forces me to do things that are more geared for smaller more agile people, and when you are 6 foot something and closer to three bills than two, agile is not a word that is often used to describe you neither are nimble or quick. In fact ,the words you hear are lumbering or bulky But, this class really forces me to use my motor skills and make a lot of controlled movements, which is just something that is not a part of my other classes. Also, Bryan's class is offers a good balance of drills, running, and exercise. However, it does not change very much from one week to the next, so I am glad that it is not offered more than once or twice a week, so that I can use it as a change of pace.

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