Friday, August 27, 2010

Addiction!: Weds. 18th Sports Conditioning (Abs only) And a Run.

The 5k was just around the corner, and I really didn't know how much I should or shouldn't be running, but I just couldn't hold myself back. Some major changes are taking place. I love to run! Pushing myself to go farther and stronger than I thought I could is so appealing. I used to dread the thought of running, not the running itself so much, but the thought of it used to make me ill. I would turn into Ferris Bueller on a fine spring day in Chicago and find myself licking my palms and faking stomach cramps, but now it is more likely that I will be ignoring pain in my legs and trying to convince myself that a short run will help me loosen up the muscles that are strained than anything else. It is crazy, my Netflix queue is full of running documentaries and Steve Prefontaine Movies, and my YouTube history is worse because it is full of inspirational running/sports commercials for shoe companies. Here is my favorite:

The most difficult part of this transformation is dealing with the regret that fills me anytime I think about the years that I wasted sitting on the couch watching Real World marathons or worse sitting in some coffee shop smoking.  Honestly fighting off those thoughts is harder than gutting out the last half mile of any run.  When they creep in and nest in my brain, I just try to remember that regrets are boring but challenges are much more interesting and force myself to think about things to come.

Wednesday morning, I got to the gym early so that I could run before the Sports Conditioning class.  I did the Capitol run which with one lap around the building is around 2.68 miles which I did in under 27 minutes, so I felt good about my pace.  then I joined the SC class for their first 15 to 20 mins. of abs, which was what I had planned, so with two more days to my race I was feeling pretty good about things.

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