Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday 19th: Practice 5k

***Please Don't Take My Training as the Proper Way to Prepare for a 5K***

For some reason I got it in my head that I needed to run a practice 5K on Thursday, and then rest on Friday.  I wanted to run on the indoor track because of the flat surface and the ability to track the distance.  The track at the Y is 1/15th of a mile, so I figured that 47 laps would be a 5K.  I was afraid that this would get tedious, but it really didn't because I had to stay focused on the count and monitor my achilles, which got a little sore in the corners, but other wise held up pretty well.  I was able to maintain around  9 min. pace for all three miles and didn't see any real drop off, which really encouraged me.  I finished the run in 27:08, surprising the heck out of me and making me pretty optimistic about my prospects for the 21st.  I hadn't really opened it up when I was running on the track; eventhough, the 5k would be out doors and in the heat, I knew that the course was not too hilly and that these tight turns on the track and other people had caused me to slow down a bit, so I felt pretty confident that I would get my goal time of 27 Min's.  My only real concerns were that I would get too excited in the beginning and fail to pace myself and I would falter in the last mile, or that my achilles would give out causing me to have to back off but neither of these were that much of a worry because of how well the week had gone.

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