Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Friday Bike Ride

The video above is from the July First Friday Bike Ride.  I just wanted to put it up so that people might get an idea of how many people show up for these rides.  We meet the first Friday of every month at the NCSU bell tower and then ride through Raleigh to different art museums and other events.  My wife and I went last Friday and it was really fun but hot!  As you can see from the picture below, I nearly melted!!!!:

This was a really good workout, but between the walking in the galleries and the biking, my achilles was really sore.  Also, I am fairly certain that I have been over stretching my legs, which has just really complicated an already frustrating injury.  I think that I was able to find a proper balance since last Friday.  But at the time of this ride, my achilles was in pretty bad shape!

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