Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wed. 8/11 Sports Conditioning . . . sort a kind a!?!

The achilles is progressing and I want to get back to normal, but I know that I need to do things in a measured way.  Plus my second 5k is on the 21st, so I don't want to do anything that will put my participation at risk.  That said, I still want to train so that I have a shot at improving my time from my last 5k.  So last week I decided that until the 5k was over, I would only do the ab portion of the Sports Conditioning class.  That's why last week I did the 20 mins. ab portion of the class then went and ran two miles on the indoor track.  I really enjoyed it, and I might do this every once in while once I am healed just to avoid getting bored with the class.  I really need to do the abs, so I am committed to that portion of the class, but a lot of the other things that we do in the class are things, which we do in other class or that I do as part of my solo workouts.  And, recently I have begun to enjoy running on the indoor track, which is better on my body than the hard pavement.

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