Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday the 13thPractice 5k!

Last week I was just getting back to the point where I thought that I would be able to participate in the 5k that I had signed up for on the 21st.  I was feeling a bit worried about running that distance because I could feel that my conditioning level had dropped off from before I was injured.  Also, I wasn't sure how my achilles would respond to the pounding of running that distance outside.  I figured that I need to put myself to the test and run a practice 5k on Friday.  The fact that I would be doing this on Friday the 13th did cause my a little trepidation, but my eccentricities  don't normally stray into superstitions, granted I don't normally test my fate by seeking out black cats or dashing under ladders, but other than opening umbrellas indoor, I am mostly indifferent to superstitions, so I decided to run Friday the 13th be damned!!  The Run itself went really well.  I didn't push things too much and didn't feel any real discomfort.  I was able to complete the course that I had mapped out in just over 30 minutes, and I was able to get stronger as the run progressed without any real drop off at the end.  I was pretty tired after the run and made sure to put in some good stretching following the run.  This practice run left me cautiously optimistic about the 5k on the 21st.

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