Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday 8/23 -- Monday Mistake!

I knew that I needed rest as soon as I woke up, but the desire to run won out over all logical arguments that opposed it.  I went to what I thought was going to be Plycore class but found out that classes would be canceled for the week due to the gym refurbishing.  Several members from class had decided to show up anyway and planned to do their own class in areas that were still open.  They began with a 2.67 mile capitol run, which I joined.  I felt good for about the first mile, but right after the mile marker my tank hit empty.  I quickly fell behind but was able to keep running.  The next mile was difficult and my achillies were starting to flare up.  The wise thing would have been to stop and walk, but I've never been one to embrace wisdom once I am determined to do something, and by the end of mile two I was determined that I would not give into the fatigue I felt in my legs.  My quads felt like they were made of lead, but I was able to gut out the last bit of the run.  After retuning to the gym, I just showed my face to the class long enough to prevent them sending out a search party then I went and did a good bit of stretching in hopes of easing the discomfort in my achilles.  However, the stretching didn't really do much so I resolved to start taking some Naproxin and rest up over the next two days before deciding what to do next to get past the issues surrounding my achilles.

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