Monday, August 9, 2010

Start of Something Bad: Wed. Sports Conditioning

I don't regret going to this class.  What I regret is that I didn't use my head and avoid things like step ups and jump rope.  Not really sure what I was thinking, but my best guess is that I just wanted to be better so badly that I tried to push it just a little too much.  The class started out well with a great ab session that I really enjoyed.  But I should have known that the rest of the class would push me in  ways that I am just not ready for at this time.  Also, I should have know that once I started taking the class that I would not back off.  When I go back to this class, I will limit myself to the ab portion of class and then move on to my own thing until my achilles are fully recovered.  Because, Thursday wasn't good, Friday was bad too, and Saturday was one of the worst days I have had yet.  Luckily things improved mightily on Sunday, but I go into all of that later. 

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